Vietnam-the land of the 'Ascending Dragon'

We started our journey to 3 Asian countries: Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, excited by the new landscapes we will see, by the people we will meet and eager to learn about the unique history and culture of these countries.

We started by visiting Ho Chi Minh City and prepared to be amazed by the tens of thousands of scooters you will see on the streets. We were surprised, but we liked this crowded atmosphere when we went out in the evening in the center of the city and everyone was very nice and fun. We visited the city, and from here we went to the green lands of the country, and the landscapes conquered us completely. We visited the mangrove forest, we went to the War Museum, we saw how the people are making carpets and how they process coconut .... 
I leave it to you to discover what we visited and our tips, in our blog article!
 Enjoy reading it!

Vietnam-the land of the 'Ascending Dragon'

What we visited in Vietnam 2019-top things to do,when to travel,activities,hotels

Quick Tips General Informations: Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Its capital city has been …

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