Top things to do in the city of Landshut-Full travel guide,main attractions,hotels and car rental

Landshut is a city in Germany in south-eastern Bavaria. It is the seat of the government of Lower Bavaria and the Lower Bavaria district of the same name as well as the administrative seat of the Landshut district. With 73,065 inhabitants (December 31, 2020) Landshut before Passau is the largest city in Lower Bavaria and the second largest city in Eastern Bavaria after Regensburg.

We started our visit to Landshut on a warm Sunday in January. We were happy to catch a beautiful day with 13 degrees Celsius in January, so we wanted to make the most of it.Our first stop was at Trausnitz Castle.Unfortunately, the parking spaces are limited, and there were many visitors. We did not find a place to park, but we went back a little and luckily we found a parking lot in front of a house.These are our amazing memories:

Trausnitz Castle is a castle above the old town of the Lower Bavarian district capital Landshut, in the Berg ob Landshut district. The castle was incorporated into Landshut in 1928 together with the former municipality of Berg ob Landshut.

After visiting the beautiful castle, we returned to the car and headed to the city center.

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Arriving in the old town, we began to explore the streets and admire the buildings with a unique architecture. These are the pictures we took here.

When we reached the end of the street, in front of the police headquarters, we could see St. Martin’s Cathedral, so we started excitedly towards it:

The Landshut parish and collegiate church of St. Martin or Martinskirche for short, was started as a hall church by master builder Hans Krumenauer around 1385 and was completed by around 1500 with the significant involvement of Hans von Burghausen. With its extraordinary architecture, verticalized over its dimensions, in which elements of high and late Gothic are combined, the church is one of the most important Gothic monumental buildings in southern Germany. The tower of Landshut Martinskirche is at 130.1 meters the tallest brick tower in the world and the tallest church tower in Bavaria.

From here, we went in the direction of the river, and on our way we saw the beautiful attraction of the city,Ländtor Landshut.

After moving on to the river, we sat down on the bench and watched the river and enjoyed the beautiful view over the river,bridge and the Church of St. Jodok.

St. Jodok, also called Jodokskirche, is the second oldest parish church in Landshut after the parish church of St. Martin. In addition to the Martinskirche and Heilig-Geist-Kirche, it is one of the three large Gothic brick churches in Landshut’s old town. Construction, like several other Landshut churches, began in the High Gothic period in the second half of the 15th century, i.e. during the late Gothic period. Most of the furnishings today come from the Neo-Gothic period in the 19th century.

When we returned,we visited the Landshut city residence:

The Landshut city residence is a palace building in the middle of Landshut’s old town, which was built under Duke Ludwig X from 1536 to 1543 and later used by various nobles for residential purposes. The façade facing the old town was redesigned in a classical style in the 18th century.

After we saw this beautiful attractions of the city we drove to the Heilig-Geist-Kirche and this was our last stop in Landshut:

To things to do in the city of Landshut-Full travel guide,main attractions,hotels and car rental

The Heilig-Geist-Kirche in the old town of Landshut is a subsidiary church of the Roman Catholic parish of St. Martin, which is owned by the city of Landshut. It was built between 1407 and 1461 according to the plans of Hans von Burghausen. Today it is used as a location for exhibitions in the museums of the city of Landshut, but has not been profaned. The patronage is celebrated annually with a mass on Whit Monday; otherwise there are no services in the Holy Spirit Church.

We haven’t had time to visit these places, but if you love museums and history you can visit LANDSHUTmuseum and KOENIGmuseum.

These were the tourist attractions we visited in this beautiful city, and we believe that none should be missed if you arrive in Landshut. If you liked our guide, read about our Full Travel Guide for the city of Verona 2021.

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