Polynesia the 7 most-known dream islands/map,quick tips,tours ,flights,and hotels

The map of Polynesia is generally defined as the islands within the Polynesian Triangle


Quick Tips

General Informations:Polynesia is both a large Pacific island region and the easternmost of the cultural areas of Oceania. With an area of ​​almost 50 million km², it is the largest island region in Oceania.

Temperature:The dry winter season, from May to October, is the best time to visit.

Language:Tahitian, Samoan, Tongan, Māori and Hawaiian.People speak English in places frequented by tourism.

Food Prices:Meal in a cheap restaurant=18 USD,Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant=50 USD

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Now we will delight you with the 7 main islands you have to visit in Polynesia and the ultimate travel guide. Enjoy the tips and advices we offer you for flights, activities, trips and hotels!

American Samoa

Polynesia the 7 most-known dream islands-map,quick tips,tours ,flights,and hotels

Von Marshman, wikipedia

American Samoa is part of American Oceania, an outer area of ​​the United States in the southern Pacific. American Samoa is part of the Samoa Islands and adjoins the Independent State of Samoa to the southeast. The largest and most populous island of American Samoas is Tutuila with the capital Pago Pago. During the Second World War, American Samoa temporarily gained greater strategic importance for the United States from 1942 to 1945, when it was decided to build a naval base and an airport (Pago Pago International Airport). A special cultural feature of the entire archipelago is the coexistence of modern American lifestyle and Samoan traditions.


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The Independent State of Samoa, Independent State of Samoa, is an island state in Polynesia, which comprises the western part of the Samoan islands and was therefore officially called Western Samoa until 1997. The state gained independence from New Zealand in 1962 as a former mandate of the League of Nations. The part of the region to the east, American Samoa, has been an outer territory of the United States since 1929.(Samoa cheap Tours/save money with Viator)


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The Kingdom of Tonga is an island state in the South Pacific that belongs to Polynesia. The archipelago was also called Friendship Islands in the past. The people of Tonga are called Tongans.

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Von Stefan Lins -wikipedia

Tuvalu is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. It is organized as a parliamentary monarchy and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The capital is the Funafuti atoll and the seat of government is the village of Vaiaku located on this atoll. Until independence on October 1, 1978, the territory was called Ellice Islands.


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Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are an independent island state in “free association with New Zealand” and an archipelago in the southern Pacific. Their area is 242 km² and they have about 18,600 inhabitants, almost all of which can be attributed to the Cook Islands Maori. The capital is Avarua on the island of Rarotonga. The Cook Islands are the first state in which women voted.(Cook Islands Tours-save money with Viator)


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Niue , also known under the name “The Rock , is an isolated coral island in the South Pacific near Tonga, 2,400 km northeast of New Zealand. It is located south of Samoa and west of the Cook Islands. Niue has been linked to New Zealand by an association agreement since 1974. Niue has 1784 inhabitants (2017). Heavy emigration to New Zealand has cut the population by more than half since 1966. This led to numerous devastations. Around 24,000 Niueans live in New Zealand today. [8] The Niueans speak their own Polynesian language, Niuean, whose closest related language is Tonga. English is also spoken.


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French Polynesia

French Polynesia originally French Oceania, is a French overseas territory in Polynesia. French Polynesia has its own parliamentary constitution (with the Assemblée de la Polynésie française) and its own flag and is not part of the European Union. French Polynesia consists of a collection of smaller islands, atolls and archipelagos in the southern Pacific. The best known and most populous island is Tahiti; the Mururoa atoll, where the French nuclear force tested nuclear weapons, is also part of French Polynesia.

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If you have the opportunity to visit French Polynesia and you want to find the best restaurants,you can find all the informations you need here.

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