Our Full Travel Guide for the Ingolstadt village 2021-hotels,activities,car rental instead of taxis

Ingolstadt is a city in Bavaria, Germany, on the banks of the Danube, in the centre of Bavaria.It is part of the Munich Metropolitan Region.

Ingolstadt is a setting in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, where the scientist Victor Frankenstein creates his monster.

Ingolstadt Central Station has been connected to Nuremberg by a high-speed rail link since May 2006.

At the end of October, on a sunny day, we set off for Ingolstadt, a beautiful and welcoming city, which we enjoyed visiting. There are many to see, and we started with the old center:

Altes Rathaus,Ingolstadt

Our Full Travel Guide  to the Ingolstadt village 2021-hotels,activities,car rental instead of taxis

These are some more pictures we have taken on our walks along the streets:

After our walks through the city center we set off to visit some well-known tourist attractions. The first stop was at Moritzkirche.Behind the Altes Rathaus is the oldest building in Ingolstadt, going back to 1234. The Moritzirche also has traces of an even older building from the 800s when the city was founded.

For centuries this was also the only church in Ingolstadt, and along the with the church’s own tower, a Medieval watchtower, the Pfeifturm, is also attached to the building on the north side, erected to warn of approaching enemies or a fire in the city at night.

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The second tourist attraction on our list was Neues Schloss seen from the streets of the old town.

Our next stop was at Liebfrauenmünster Church.

The construction of this church was repeatedly interrupted by war in the 15th century.

A marvellous thing to see inside is the high altar, dating to 1572 and packed with iconography by the woodcutter Hans Muelich as a statement of the counterreformation.

We wanted to leave the old town to see the Danube,but close to the old town there was something more to see, namely Kreutztor.

Kreuztor is one of two of Ingolstadt’s four city gates still standing from the second Medieval ring of fortifications.

With seven towers, this brick and limestone construction defended the western approach to Ingolstadt, and takes its name from the Kirche zum Heiligen Kreuz (Church of the Holy Cross), which once ran a leper house beyond the western walls of the city.

After this last stop at Kreutztor, we went to see the Danube, which offers spectacular scenery to the viewer.

Of course Ingolstadt still has a lot to offer, and we drove to Klenzepark.

The park has large lawns, wooded areas, a little waterway, a small lake and a waterside promenade next to the Danube.

Apart from Klenzepark, around it you can visit some important tourist attractions. They are all right there, around the park:Ingolstadt fortress,World War I Museum,Bavarian Police Museum,Triva tower.

After visiting these we wanted to see the New Castle so we left from Klenzepark,crossed the bridge and we arrived to New Castle. We wanted to see it more closely and we enjoyed some beautiful landscapes.The New Castle(Neue Schloss) in Ingolstadt is one of the most important secular buildings of the 15th century in Bavaria. It now houses the Bavarian Army Museum:

I hope you enjoyed our article on Ingolstadt and it helps you plan your next trip to this city. If you want to visit more cities in Bavaria we recommend you to read our articles about Rosenheim and Bad Tölz.

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