Germany- lakes, mountains and
beautiful cities

Germany is the country where we have lived for almost 11 years and which, although it offers us a good life, also offers us the chance to fulfill our dream of traveling. Living in Munich, we are lucky to have all the beautiful villages and towns in Bayern nearby. We have a goal: to visit absolutely everything possible from here in Bayern and so far we have visited 80%. We also want to visit all the other important cities from Germany, and until now we visited Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Saarbrucken, Dusseldorf and Cologne. Stay with us and read about our adventures and enjoy the advice we offer, on our journey to visit absolutely everything possible in Bayern and Germany.

Germany Travel Guides

Travel Guide Chiemsee and Ammersee 2022-what to do,hotels,holiday apartments

We are happy to present in this article a Travel Guide that will help you very much, if you decide to visit Chiemsee and Ammersee.We will show you …

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Garmisch Partenkirchen attractions,ski hotels,where to stay,where to eat+Starnberg Lake

If you love mountain holidays, ski hotels, and beautiful scenery, the attractions of Garmisch are perfect for your next vacation. In this article …

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Top things to do in the city of Landshut-Full travel guide,main attractions,hotels and car rental

Landshut is a city in Germany in south-eastern Bavaria. It is the seat of the government of Lower Bavaria and the Lower Bavaria district of the …

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Our Full Travel Guide for the Ingolstadt village 2021-hotels,activities,car rental instead of taxis

Ingolstadt is a city in Bavaria, Germany, on the banks of the Danube, in the centre of Bavaria.It is part of the Munich Metropolitan Region. …

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Full Travel Guide for the city of Bad Tölz 2021+Sylvensteinsee-hotels,when to visit ,top attractions

We started our day with a cup of coffee and left happily for a beautiful city, which is 50 km from Munich.This city is Bad Tölz and is a musst do 1…

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Rosenheim 2021-Full travel guide after a day trip from Munich,hotels and activities

Rosenheim is a city in Bavaria, Germany. It is an independent city located in the center of the district of Rosenheim (Upper Bavaria) and is also …

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