France - history, art, rich culture and delicious food

Before visiting the 22 countries and really discovering our passion for traveling, we thought for the first time to take a vacation together. Our first couple's vacation was in Paris and we will definitely never forget it. . The city of lovers was beautiful and paved the way for our love for travel ... Apart from the capital, of course, France has many beautiful cities and villages worth visiting. Since then we have visited the cities of Annecy, Colmar, Riquevir and Strasbourg. Stay with us and read the travel guides to find out the secrets to saving, as well as valuable tips on hotels, transportation and restaurants.

France Travel Guides

Our 4 days Trip in Paris (2012)-Top things to do,places to visit,restaurants,hotels

Paris View from Montmartre Quick Tips: General Informations: is the capital and most populous city of France.Paris has been one of …

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