75. Getting close to nature in Ecuador

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As we are lovers of travel, I think everyone has in mind a list of wishes they want to fulfill in their lives. These are our wishes and I think you will find yourself in many of them. If we managed to check them on weall think we will leave this life relieved when our time will come....

1. Walk through the salt desert El Sala​r de Uyuni, Bolivia

2. Diving at the  Great Barrier Reef

3. Hiking to Machu Picchu

4. Travel with the Trans-Siberian

5. Admire the Northern Lights

6. Spend the night in an igloo

7. Fly with the balloon to Cappadocia

8. Enjoy a magi​​cal sunset at the "Gates of Heaven" in Bali

9. Flying Fox experience in Munich

10. Ride a magnificent breed horse near the sea

11. Safari in Zambia or Tanzania  Africa

12. Have a romantic candle light dinner

13. Stay in a water bungalow in the Maldives

14. Visit the Eiffel Tower

15.  Stay in a luxurious room and relax in the jacuzzi

16. Swim with the dolphins-Dominican Republic

17. Cruise in the Norwegian Fjords

18. Visit Disneyland

19. Do bungee jumping

20. Take a canal boat ride in Amsterdam