10 Beautiful Places+Cities to visit in Spain-Travel Guide for Fun,Wellness,Health or Exploring

When we think of traveling to Spain,we imagine the beautiful beaches,wellness and health treatments,the beautiful cities that are waiting to be explored with breathtaking tourist attractions, but also the islands of Spain are recognized worldwide for the entertainment and fun offered to tourists.But in addition to all this, Spain also has many possibilities for relaxation, wellness and spas that are an oasis of health.

When it comes to fun, of course the first option is Ibiza, and we’ve already been there! We already have a separate article where we will tell you all about our experience in Ibiza! In this blog post we will first present the main tourist attractions that must be explored.After that, we will share the best places for wellness, relaxation and spa – some wonderful places that will offer you after the work done for a few months.

Quick Tips

General Informations: Its continental European territory is situated on the Iberian Peninsula. Its territory also includes two archipelagos: the Canary Islands off the coast of North Africa, and the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The African exclaves of Ceuta, Melilla, and Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera make Spain the only European country to have a physical border with an African country (Morocco).

Temperature:Spring and fall are the best times of the year for visiting Spain. The only possible exception would be the Atlantic Coast which experiences heavy downpour in October and November.

Language:The official language is Spanish.

Currency: Euro aprox. 1$=0.82 EUR

Food Prices:Meal in a cheap restaurant=11 EUR,Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant=40 EUR

You can find more information about the visa here.

Now we will delight you with the 10 Beautiful Places+Cities to visit in Spain and the ultimate travel guide. Enjoy the advice we offer you for flights, activities, tours ​and hotels!


The city castle Alhambra in Granada

The Alhambra is an important city castle on the Sabikah hill of Granada in Spain, which is considered to be one of the most important examples of the Moorish style of Islamic art. The Alhambra is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Europe and has been a World Heritage Site since 1984. The castle complex is about 740 m long and up to 220 m wide. In the east, the Generalife Summer Palace is in front.


2.Nerja caves

The beautiful Nerja Caves in Spain

The Nerja Cave is a stalactite cave in Spain that was discovered by chance in January 1959. It consists of a series of cave galleries that stretch for almost 3 miles. Located near the city of Nerja in the Spanish province of Málaga, it was declared a protected cultural asset in 2006 and is therefore part of Spain’s historical heritage. The cave is divided into two main parts known as Nerja I and Nerja II. Nerja I contains exhibitions open to the public and is accessible via stairs and concrete paths. One of the chambers forms a natural amphitheater in which concerts are held regularly.


2.Caminito del Rey

Caminito del Rey-King's Path near Málaga with amazing views

The Caminito del Rey (freely translated ‘King’s Path’) is a three-kilometer-long via ferrata (since 2015: hiking trail) near Álora in the province of Málaga in southern Spain. At a height of around 100 meters, it leads along steep walls through two narrow gorges up to 200 meters deep. For a long time it had fallen into disrepair and was banned and during this time it was described in the press as the most dangerous route in the world. In 2015 it was released to the public again. The area is known among climbers as El Chorro as an excellent winter climbing area.


If you want to have a unique experience in Lanzarote then enjoy your meal that Is Grilled Over A Volcano, El Diablo, Lanzarote, Spain.

El Diablo, Lanzarote, Spain-Grill and meal over a volcano

Photo source:https://www.boredpanda.com

4.Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación

Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación in Malaga,Spain

Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación is the cathedral of the diocese of Malaga in Malaga. It is located near the port in the city center.


Alcazaba in Málaga, Spain is a Moorish fortress and palace complex above the city.

The Alcazaba in Málaga, Spain is a Moorish fortress and palace complex above the city.

6.Castillo de Santa Bárbara

Castillo de Santa Bárbara is a landmark of the city of Alicante and is located in the city center on the mountain Benacantil

The Castillo de Santa Bárbara is a landmark of the city of Alicante and is located in the city center on the mountain Benacantil, which with a height of 166 msnm and its border with the sea has a great strategic value for the city. The so-called “la cara del moro”, the icon of the city, is depicted on the silhouette of the mountain. This can be viewed from the beach and the harbor,


7.Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos


Seville is the capital of the Autonomous Region of Andalusia and the Seville Province of Spain. With almost 690,000 inhabitants, Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain. According to a legend, the city was founded by the Greek hero Heracles. The inhabitants are known as Sevillanos. The city is an important industrial and commercial center and a tourist center. Seville’s old town is the largest in Spain and, alongside Venice and the old town of Genoa, one of the largest old towns in Europe. (Seville cheap tours/Viator and Get Your Guide)


Top hotels we recommend in Seville : Hotel Gravina 51, Suites Machado,Apartamentos Eslava

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Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain after Madrid. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea, about 120 kilometers south of the Pyrenees and on the border with France. Barcelona is the administrative seat of the province of the same name and the comarca of Barcelonès. About 1.62 million people live within the urban area. This makes Barcelona the eleventh largest municipality in the European Union, after Hamburg the second largest that is not the capital of a member state, and after Paris the second most densely populated metropolis in Europe. With more than seven million tourists from abroad every year, Barcelona is also one of the three most visited cities in Europe. In a ranking of cities according to their quality of life, Barcelona was ranked 43rd out of 231 cities worldwide in 2018. According to the Global Wealth and Lifestyle Report 2020, Barcelona has a European top position in terms of value for money for luxury living. (Barcelona cheap tours/Viator and Get Your Guide)


Top hotels we recommend in Barcelona : Olivia Plaza Hotel ,Olivia Balmes Hotel,Catalonia Magdalenes

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Madrid is the capital of Spain and the autonomous community of Madrid. With around seven million inhabitants, the Madrid metropolitan region is one of the largest metropolises in Europe. Madrid is (without suburbs) with over 3.2 million inhabitants after Berlin the second largest city in the European Union and the largest city in southern Europe. Madrid has been the geographical, political and cultural center of Spain (see Castile) and the seat of the Spanish government for centuries. The king, a Catholic archbishop and important administrative and military authorities also reside here. As a commercial and financial center, the city is of national and international importance. There are six public universities in Madrid, as well as various other colleges, theaters, museums and cultural institutions.(Madrid cheap tours/Viator and Get Your Guide)


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To have a unique experience on a island in Spain we recommend the restaurant El Diablo “The Devil”(Las Palmas, Spain).

El Diablo’s cook top is nothing short of extraordinary. This restaurant cooks its meals over an active volcanic hole in the ground.

Or you can try The Disaster Café(Loloret de Mar, Spain).

Looking for an earth-shattering dining experience? The Disastre Cafe will deliver, with 7.8 richter scale earthquakes simulated during meals.

Is time to share the best places for wellness, relaxation and spa:

SHA Wellness Clinic-A good reason to travel to Spain

for your Health

SHA Wellness Clinic-Ahealth reason to travel to Spain

The SHA Wellness Clinic offers a complete package of treatments and services grounded in medical innovation and natural therapies. This includes healthy nutrition, fitness, aesthetic therapies, regenerative medicine and anti-aging treatments. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, not far from Benidorm , the clinic is surrounded by natural parkland.

In Andalusia-Suryalila,Shanti Som

The Suryalila Retreat is one of the most peaceful yoga rooms in Europe and from the outside resembles a Nepalese temple. Retreats include daily yoga practices and organic, vegetarian meals as well as access to the outdoor swimming pool.

Suryalila Retreat-Spain

At Shanti Som you have the chance to sign up to energising yoga classes as well as get personalised detox recommendations from the nutritionist. Massages and treatments include ayurvedic, Thai and deep-tissue massage as well as aromatic facials and Oriental pedicures.

Shanti Som Retreat Spain

If you are in Madrid and after exploring the city you want to have a few days of relaxation, we recommend the following Spa centers:Madrid-Urso Spa,Wellington Hotel & Spa Madrid.

If you have visited these tourist attractions or Spa centers, you can share with us your opinion and pictures on our Facebook group. We look forward to seeing you there!

These are some wonderful places in Spain that will offer you a relaxing holiday,are good for your health and that will recharge your batteries.So we wish you a safe and relaxing travel to Spain!

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