10 amazing examples of architecture from around the world

1.Gothic architectural style

2.Renaissance architectural style

3.Bauhaus architectural style

German-style architecture that appeared in 1900 and gained very little popularity outside the country’s borders. Ideas of this kind are the union of practical design and fine arts, especially sculpture and painting. The unique feature of the Bauhaus style is the use of a limited number of clean colors. They are mostly white, black and gray. The houses have strict values, geometries and functionalities more than anything.

4.Victorian architectural style

Everyone has heard of this genre dating back to the mid-nineteenth century and refers to Queen Victoria. There are no specific features of the buildings, as it is influenced by European design styles from the Middle East and Asia. However, the use of red bricks is characteristic. The predominant colors for the exterior are brown and red, but you can find Victorian buildings with other colors. Especially the Victorian design style represented in the United Kingdom.

5.Baroque style of architecture

This design trend of buildings was born in Italy at the beginning of the seventeenth century and has some characteristics that are present in the Renaissance trend. His main tools are light and shadow. The cathedral and baroque churches have a large and spacious center. In combination with columns and domes, it creates the theatrical atmosphere in which everyone can see the stage or the altar. The exterior is mostly decorated in white. Representations of Baroque architecture can be found mainly in Vienna, Spain, Italy and France. However, it has gained great popularity in other countries. You can take a look here for more information.

6.The style of Islamic architecture

It is another construction project that is strongly based on religion and this trend is still maintained. It is a tower and is also the tallest building in the local area that anyone can see. The particular characteristics of these buildings are the massiveness, the Islamic calligraphy and the exterior and interior ornaments.

7.The style of ancient Egyptian architecture

A well-developed ancient civilization that left for us the famous miracles, the pyramids, which still exist in Egypt for thousands of years. However, this is not about the Egyptians; many architectural buildings remain. The main materials for the construction of the buildings are stone, limestone, sandstone, granite and bricks that were cut in the sun because the wood was missing. It is true that most of the ancient Roman architecture was destroyed by the Nile due to floods. But there are standing villages, fortresses or temples. Symbolism is the main feature of this kind. It is firmly based on religious opinions and also on the aesthetic practicability for everyday use.

8.Neo-futuristic style of architecture

Personal photo made in Abu Dhabi/Formula 1

This style appeared in the 21st century and has a completely new vision of ordinary things and buildings. One of the most remarkable features of this style is the high technology. With the rapid development of technologies, new approaches to construction are now being used. You can find previously unused materials in such buildings, nature and science combined in harmony. This trend is growing worldwide.

9.Tudor architecture style

The Tudor or Gothic Tudor style is the last period of the Gothic style in the transition to the Renaissance during the reign of the Tudor House (1485-1603), which connects perfectly to the perpendicular style.

10.Modernist style of architecture

The modern style has a very new view of the buildings that appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. You can find this type of building design in different countries around the world. Its particular characteristics are mostly the following elements: flat floors and roofs, asymmetry, cubic and cylindrical.

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